Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm BACK!!

Hello blogging world! I'm back shortly with an exciting announcement! So, I've been gone for EVER and I didnt think anyone would notice WOMP WOMP. BUT, I have great friends out there that care and make my heart smile. (Shout out to my little one, Jocelyn!) Thank you for keeping up with my page even when I'm MIA! 

Here's the fun part! I should really be studying right now but I check my youtube and beaty guru blogs D-A-I-L-Y!! It's just something I enjoy doing :] Right now I watched Andrea's video from Andreaschoice (one of my first and all time faves) and learned about the site that was just launched called It sounds like a great deal and I love what they do, so I signed up and cannot wait to get my goodie bag! I'll review the products  as soon as I get them!

I promise I'll be back and go blog crazy as soon as I'm done with finals! My winter break is much needed!
<3 Beezy.