Monday, July 18, 2011

Ombre? Yes, please!

Ombre anyone? My newest obsession with hair lately has to be the messy/sheek "ombre style". To some people it may just look like a bad case of long, grown out roots (because it basically is!) but I personally la-la-love it! It's been seen on a good number of celebs this year! I googled some images to share with you.
It took me a couple of months to have the guts to actually do it myself! I originally wanted white blonde tips but the result came out brownish reddish and it lightened up a few days after. At first I was extremely scared to bleach my hair, but after doing some research I came across a really good bleach that actually did very little damage to it! If anyone is interested in learning how I did this I will absolutely love to make an ombre hair tutorial! I'll post a picture of my hair right below. Don't forget to comment and follow, it's free ;] <3 


  1. i <3 it. honestly though, i don't think i've seen a bad hairstyle on you =p is that possible?

  2. I soooooo want to try this!


  3. Gua, I can post a tutorial! It's really easy. I looooveeee how it turned out!

  4. OMG i'v been dying to try this but am scared since I have black hair, I don't know how good it will come out. Brunnette to blonde is mostly what i see when it comes to Ombre hair.


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