Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cute Nails!

Ello! So I've decided to make my next blog on fun and easy nail designs! Now I am definitely not the best at painting nails....actually I'm not good at all, but I like to keep my hands looking "purrty". This week I  tried two different styles. I'm sure many gals have heard of the crackle nail polish. Nothing too new, but I had never tried it and waalaah here it is. My friend Carmen actually did mine. We went bargain shopping at Dollar Tree and found a set of Cover Girl crackle nail polish! It also came with a glittery coat polish; all for one buck! So there you go, always look for good deals! It's super easy and quick. First apply TWO coats of a base color (I used a mint color) As the base dries apply a layer of crackle nail polish (I used black) over. If you don't apply two coats of the base before using the crackle nail polish you will notice tiny cracks in result. Not as nice. Lastly apply the a coat of clear nail polish. Make sure to use plenty to secure the cracks from maintaining their original design.
Love & Beauty- mint
CG Crackle- black
CG Ice Sticks coat

 Today I tried an "outer space" design I got from AdreasChoice. She's AWESOME. I lalalalove how my nails turned out. The colors I used however look more like tie-dye than outer space-ish. I'll post Andrea's DIY tutorial! Sorry my pictures aren't the best, but then again this is my attempt to blog at 3 in the morning!
Good night- Beezy <3
Love & Beauty- mint
Love & Beauty- aqua
Isa Dora- plum
KleanColor- 172 V.I.P

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