Friday, August 12, 2011


Watch the Throne mode! All who have been keeping up with Kanye and Jay Z know exactly what I'm talking about. So today  I watched the video premier for Otis. I'm looking forward to seeing more from this album. They never fail to please. Before I go to bed I'll share some "latest and greatest" from to of the hottest in the game!
Kanye West- Through the Wire 
The first song that really got me into Kanye West. 

Kanye on Def Poetry. A bit old, but I love these. I'm one to look for good lyrics. If you can analyse a song and read it word for word you find the depth in it and the beauty of real music. 

Jay Z- Death of Autotune (DOA)
"Only rapper to rewrite history without a pen. No I.D. on the track let the story begin!..."

Jay Z- Big Pimpin with UGK... Classic! 

Jay and Kanye!- Otis
<3 Beezy.


  1. Oh I see you like that Otis also. I freakin love it! My fiance thinks it's whack but he's crazy. This song is art at it's musical best.
    xoxo (hugs & kisses till next time)

  2. Check out the album! I'm a huge fan. If you like Otis I recommend Watch The Throne to you!


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