Monday, August 15, 2011

Embrace your hair!

Hey that's me! :D And these are my NO HEAT waves/curls-ish! My hair lenght is now finally about where it to be! It took me foreverrrr to grow it out. My senior year in highschool I decided I'd look super cute with a really short bob! 
Yes that's me definitely not looking too hot and I think that might have been when it was already growing out! Anyway, my hair was extremely short until I discovered extensions by the end of 2008! It eventually started growing. However very, very, slowly! I actually didnt see much of a drastic change till this year almost at the end of my Sophomore year in college! I think it's mainly because I got so busy with school that I never had time straighten my hair or anything so I would just braid it or pick it up in a pony tail. So there ya go! Giving your hair a break from heat appliances may help you see great results. Healthy hair is good hair. 

Let's skip to my tip! My hair is naturally slightly wavy and has a mind of its own. I used to always end up straightening it because it drove me nuts if I left it as is. Lately Ive found a way to give my waves more character. After I shower I towel dry my hair and scrunch my hair in sections pulling it up into a high messy bun. THE MESSIER THE BETTER!!! About 15-20 min later I take it down and put a bit of hairspray on. If it's not as curly or wavy as I want it I just put it back up and wait another 10 min. Finally I release it and whip my hair back and forth like Willoh to give it more volume. This may work for some more than others! But give it a try. There's many things you can do to your hair without heat! 
 Before (Sometimes I even leave it up!)
And After! Hope it work for ya!
Do I hear a NO HEAT CHALLENGE coming soon?! I think yes!! Till next time, <3 Beezy. 


  1. First of all, you are so gorgeous girlie!!!! No lie! :) And I love your blog, it is very creative and has unique posts, I will be sure to follow :) Thank you for checking out my blog as well, it is much appreciated always. I love the name of your blog too, as it is my name! :D xoxo <3

  2. Hey you! THanks for stopping by my blog! I will def follow you!! Have a great day!!

  3. ohhh ur curly hair is soooo nice! Thanks for passing by my blog! Appreciate it! X

    - True


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