Friday, August 12, 2011

No.7 Lips

Pretty in pink! Nothing beats topping off a friendly smile with the right lipstick. I've been teased about using lipstick because it's supposidlyyyyyy for older ladies, but I'd go for one over lip gloss any day! I personally like natural colors like nude, peach, or "barbie pink" I like I call my favorite baby pink items. So I was super excited to find my all time favorite make up line, No.7 by Boots,  having lipsticks on sale!

The two shades I got are called Innocent (left lipstick and top stroke) and Pink Angel (right and bottom) The one I'm using in my pictures is Pink Angel. By the way I am definitely nottt naked in the middle picture! I was wearing a tube top, Bible! Anywho, the price on these usually run from $10-$15. No.7 is my favorite, favorite, favorite make up brand! Target is the only store I know offers it or you can also place your order online. The first product I used was their moose foundation. It's perfect; I always end up going back to using it. I'll share more of their products soon. Theyre healthy, flawless, and inexpensive! <3 Beezy.  


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  3. "By the way I am definitely nottt naked in the middle picture!" Hahha you're funny girl!
    Personally, my favs lipsticks are nudes and soft pinks.

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  8. Love those lip colors!! And heyyy your from Texas!! Your like a hour away from where I am :)

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  12. Oh I love the pink angel. I've been looking for a lipstick that shade. Thanks for the tip. Thanks also for visiting my blog and becoming one of my bloggies. I really appreciate it.


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